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About Deutsche Bank Home Loan

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Deutsche Bank Home Loan‘Deutsche Bank’, will make your “dream home” come true. All their efforts work towards putting your dream home which may be beyond  your reach. Whether you want to purchase a ‘new house’, or ‘renovate your existing home’, ‘Deutsche Bank’ has a wide variety of ‘home loan‘ options that are specific to your basic home loan needs.

Here Are Some of The Key Features of A Deutsche Bank Home Loan:

  • Avail of loan amount up to Rs. 5 Crores.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of loan-tenures that ranges from 5 yrs to 20 yrs.
  • Choose b/w a fixed or a floating ‘interest-rate(s)’ for your loan and enjoy with peaceful mind, the attractive interest rate(s) and saving(s) on  taxes under Income-Tax Act, 1961

Advantages: Deutsche Bank Home Loan

Higher Loan Amounts

It depends on the value and type of your property. Usually, you can get a loan amount  up to Rs. 5 Crores*

Max. Value Out Of Your Property

They provide loan up to 80% of the current value of the property loan

Easy Documentation For Faster Approvals on Deutsche Bank Home Loan

Very easy to apply for a ‘Deutsche Bank Home Loan’ as the documentation-process is simple and friendly.

Benefit(s) With Balance Transfer Option

With Deutsche Bank Home Loan you benefit when you home loan transfer from one bank to some another bank. If you are paying at a very  high interest rate(s) on your current going on  ‘home loan’, you get the option of transferring the out-standing balance of the existing loan(s) to ‘Deutsche Bank’ at the current interest rate(s).

‘Pay Less With Interest Calculated On A Daily Reducing Balance’

No need to pay interest on the amount you have already paid. With your ‘DB Home Loan’ , interest is calculated only on the out-standing loan- amount, which reduce(s) every time you pay off your’ EMIs ‘or make any pre-payment(s). It will surely lowered your effective interest amount extensively.

‘Easy Eligibility Criteria For Easy Approvals’

Both ‘salaried’ and ‘self-employed professional’ can apply for a ‘DB HomeLoan’. The loan amount(s) are decided on the basis of re-payment capacity and other factors like income, age, no. of dependents, assets, savings-history, stability and continuity of work.


You can choose a re-payment plan, which must have to be  comfortable for you. Our loan tenure options ranges from 5 yrs to 20 yrs.

‘Insurance Plans For Your Home Loan’

We can provide you exclusive ‘insurance plan‘ that can cover your loan in the face of any un-foreseen event. In such fore-seen events, your family will have the support of the insurance guard to pay for any out-standing loan(s), without being burdened by the ‘loan EMIs’.

Eligibility: Deutsche Bank Home Loan

Eligibility criteriaSalariedSelf-employed
Minimum Age23 years23 years
Maximum Age65 years or retirement, whichever is earlier65 years
Minimum Gross Annual Income (Rs)500,000500,000

Documentation: Deutsche Bank Home Loan

Maintaining  your easeness, they ask you for min. mandatory document(s) for the sanction of your Loan. They require the following document(s) to sanction your ‘Loan’ along with the ‘duly completed application-form’:

‘Financials ‘Salary slip of last three months

‘F- 16 or ITR’

‘HR’ certification showing all allowance(s) and re-imbursement(s) (if any)

Copy of ‘bank-statement’ (main a/c) for last 6 months

Re-payment details on any existing loan(s) or loan closure letter.

Income Tax -returns for the last 2 yrs

‘Profit & Loss A/c’ along with computation of Income and ‘Balance Sheet’ for last 2 yrs, duly certified by a ‘CA’

Proof of business-continuity for last 3 yrs

Copy of ‘bank statement’ (main a/c) for last 6 months

Short note on the ‘nature of business’, ‘form of organisation’, ‘clients’ and s’uppliers’, etc.

‘Photo Identity’ (any one)
  •          Valid-Passport’
  •          ‘PAN Card’
  •          ‘Voter’s ID Card’
  •          ‘Valid Driving License’
  •          ‘Valid-Passport’
  •          ‘PAN Card’
  •          Voter’s ID Card’
  •          ‘Valid Driving License’
‘Proof of Address’ (any one)
  •          ‘Valid Passport’
  •          ‘Latest Telephone Bill’ landline)
  •          ‘Latest Electricity Bill’
  •         ‘ Latest Bank Statement’
  •          ‘Valid Passport’
  •          ‘Latest Telephone Bill’ (landline)
  •          ‘Latest Electricity Bill’
  •         ‘ Latest Bank Statement’
 ‘Proof of Signature’ (any one)
  •          Valid Passport
  •          Banker’s Certificate
  •          Driving Licence
  •          PAN Card
  •          Valid Passport
  •          Banker’s Certificate
  •          Driving Licence
  •          PAN Card
‘Proof of Age’ (any one)
  •         ‘ Valid Passport’
  •          ‘Voter’s ID Card’
  •          ‘PAN Card’
  •         ‘ Birth Certificate’
  •         ‘ Valid Driving License’
  •         ‘ Valid Passport’
  •          ‘Voter’s ID Card’
  •          ‘PAN Card’
  •         ‘ Birth Certificate’
  •         ‘ Valid Driving License’

‘Schedule of Charge(s): Deutsche Bank Home Loan’

‘Fees and Charge(s)’‘Home Loan(s)*’
Administration Fee(s)Up to 1% of loan-amount
Default Interest Rate(s)24% / annum
Loan prepayment chargesPre-payment is allowed only after 6 months from the date of loan disbursal.
No pre-payment can be done on ‘partly-disbursed loan’.

  • ‘Fixed rate loan’:

Part-payment charge(s) is 2.50% on the amount pre-paid.
Pre-closure charges are 2.50% of the loan out-standing at the time of loan-closure.

  • ‘Floating rate loan’:No penalty is charged on part payment(s). However, a transaction charge of Rs 500 would be applicable for each pre-payment.

Pre-closure charge(s) are levied at the rate of 2% on the Loan out-standing at the time of ‘loan closure’ & all part payment(s) made during the last 12 months prior to ‘loan closure’.

Duplicate Interest Certificate(s) / other statement issuance charge(s)Rs. 200
Unsuccessful execution of Standing Instruction for payment(s) / Cheque bounce charge(s)Rs. 500
Switch Fee(s)If ‘fixed’ to ‘floating’: 1.5% of Principal O/S
If ‘floating’ to ‘fixed’: 1.5% of Principal O/S
‘Loan re-schedulement fee(s) ‘
(Only for customer initiated ‘EMI’ / tenor change request(s) )
Rs. 1000
ECS / PDC Swap charge(s)Rs. 500
Personal-credit report issuance charge(s)Rs. 50
Document Retrieval charge(s)Rs. 500
Service Tax payable on fee(s) and charge(s)As applicable

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