PNB Flexible Housing Loan

About PNB Flexible Housing Loan

PNB Flexible Housing Loan

With the help of this loan scheme, a borrower can have substantial savings on the Interest part to:

1) Deposit his surplus funds in the overdraft account.

2) Withdraw the same according to his requirements.

1. Eligibility for PNB Flexible Housing Loan:

People who are below 50 Yrs of age and are existing consumers who availed loan through Private Bank Home Loan for public subjected to the fulfillment of all terms and conditions of this loan scheme.

2. Purpose of the loan:

For all of the purpose3s as given in the Housing Finance Scheme without being used for the purpose of land and plots.

3. Nature of the Loan:

Term Loan- 80 %

Overdraft – 20 %

4. Extension of the Loan:

First Extension is allowed after three years of age.

Overdraft limit can be extended to a maximum of 50 % of the total loan amount that has been sanctioned.

5. Margin: 25 %. Available.

6. Repayment Options:

As per Housing loan scheme.

7. Overdraft Limit for PNB Flexible Housing Loan:

  • For Borrowers Below age of 55 Years, servicing of interest will be charged on the monthly basis.
  • For borrowers of 55 years of age and above interest, is reduced drawing the power maximum up to the age of 65 years.

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