About Income Tax Refund

Income Tax RefundThe Department of Income Tax offers an online facility to the taxpayers for tracking their Income Tax Refund report.
Being a taxpayer, you can always view your income tax refund status online within 10 days after the refund has been sent. 
There is a three-step simple process to be followed in order to check the same
Firstly you need to have your PAN card, type your PAN number and select the Assessment year to be analyzed.
1. Firstly, to upload form-16.
2. Secondly verifying the data.
3. Lastly, finishing the E-Filing.
Finishing the E-Filing process is a mandatory step to get your Income Tax Refund.
Always make sure that you E-File your Income Tax to get your Income Tax Refund faster.

How to use the E-Filing website of the Income Tax Department?

1. The main step to e-file on the official website of the Income Tax Department is to login into your ID or get yourself registered if you don’t hold an account. The site would let you know about the same.
2. To check whether you are registered or not you need to enter your, PAN number, this would let you know about your current status and your login details as well could be retrieved by the
3. Now if you’ve previously e-filed, then you are already registered with the site. Search your email inbox for”incometaxindiaefiling.ac.in” and search for the information that would be beneficial for you.
4. If the password is known to you, log in. Note* A point of importance is that your PAN number is your User ID. In case you have forgotten your password you can RESET your PASSWORD.
5. If any of the issues prevail you while resetting your password with any of the three options that are available to you, send an email to the mentioned site i.e. “validate@incometaxindia.gov.in” with the details including your: PAN, PAN holder’s name, DOB, Father’s name, Registered PAN address and your problem will be resolved.

Income Tax Refund Statues

While going through the process, you might come across some of the statues that might appear on your ID that is being enlisted below. These statues carry a huge significance and the taxpayer should be fimiliar with their meanings.
Refund Paid
Refund Unpaid
No e-Filing has been done for the current Assessment Year
Not Determined
Contact Jurisdictional Assessing Officer
Demand no Refund
Compensation Processed no Demand no Refund
Demand Determined
Compensation Processed Demand Determined
Compensation Processed Refund Determined and Sent to the Refund Banker

Refund Paid

 This carries the following meaning: The Income Tax Department has sent the refund to you (by Cheque or by direct debit to the Bank Account Number you provided while e-Filing).

Refund Unpaid:

The unpaid refund option could carry any of the below-mentioned meanings:
1. The Department of Income Tax has sent the refund to you, but the address provided to the IT     department is wrong; hence the cheque was undelivered.
2. The details of the bank account (Account Number or IFSC Code) that you submitted to the Income Tax department were wrong, and hence the refund wasn’t processed.

No E-Filing has been Done for the Current Assessment Year

This could mean either of the below-mentioned options
1. You might have filed your returns in a physical form basically in the pen paper format and not e-Filed it.
The I-T Department does not provide the refund status for a paper filed returns via our service.
2. Or your Income Tax Return was not filed at all.

Not Determined

This usually means that the Income Tax Department has still not worked on the processing of your ITR or still not determined the refund.
It can also mean that they are asking you to check your refund status after a month to see if it has been updated.

Contact Jurisdictional Assessing Officer

This could mean:
1. This indicates that the Department of Income Tax further needs certain clarifications about the Information related to your Income Tax Return that you filed. The Assessing officer would like to discuss things further with you.
2. In some of the cases, this could also mean that you have some past taxes outstanding with the I-T department which will be adjusted against the tax refund requested by you.

Demand no Refund

This could mean either of the following:
1. The case that prevails often is that you filed the returns with no refund and no tax due. In such a case, you’re all set for this year.
2. The reason could also be that you did file for a refund, but the Income Tax department rejected the refund since their calculations did not match up with yours.
This generally can happen because of mismatch of TDS data, incompletely or improperly filled sections in the original filing.

Compensation Processed no Demand no Refund

This message again goes out to the only taxpayers who have been serving a proclamation to compensate their original returns.
The restituted returns may be completely or partially accepted by the IT department.
On the basis of compensation, the department arrives at a conclusion that you neither own any extra taxes nor do you qualify for any sort of refund of taxes that are already being paid.
You will receive a revised proclamation clarifying this fact.

Demand Determined

This carries the following meaning:
1. Your request for the refund has been rejected, and in fact, the Income Tax department finds that you owe them unpaid taxes instead.
2. You could also have received a notice from the I-T Department with the exact amount of tax outstanding and the reason regarding the same.
This can happen because of incompletely or improperly filled sections in the original filing, withholding income information, or mismatch in TDS.

Compensation Processed Demand Determined

This message is again meant for those taxpayers who have been served a proclamation to compensate their original returns. 
The compensated returns may be entirely or partially accepted by the IT department.
However, the Income Tax Department maintains that you have outstanding unpaid taxes. You will also receive proclamation with an exact amount that is outstanding and will require to pay this off within a time slot 30 days of the receipt being issued to you.
We can connect you to a tax expert who can go through your tax notices and tax returns to best guide you. They can then help you with the appropriate course of action.

Compensation Processed Refund Determined and Sent out to Refund Banker

This message again goes out only to the ones who pay taxes and those who have been served an intimation to rectify their original returns. The me slot compensated returns may be entirely or partially accepted by the IT department. Based on the rectification, the I-T department has calculated the refund amount and forward a refund payout request to SBI.
This kind of message is to be followed by a revised proclamation and the refund amount from the IT department.