Filing Income Tax Returns

All about Filing Income Tax Returns

Filing Income Tax Returns

Income Tax is one of the most crucial aspects of an individual’s economic profile. It’s a mandatory process for salaried and self-employed people where you need to file the income tax returns as per the government’s rules and regulations according to your age group and income profile.

With the internet being in demand and covering every sector of industrialization and finances,it has diminished the administrative work and given issue free administrations to the individuals so as to complete the official documentation measure and even the filling of your annual government forms.Late reports show that the whole expense documenting measure has been made accessible on the web and you have to re-fill your annual assessment form which is an obligatory cycle. So as to record your personal government forms on the web, there is a necessity to present your annual expense forms on the entrance. The idea of the E-filling of assessments is a straightforward and bother freecycle that doesn’t make any issue or confusion of your subtleties.

Under the Income Tax Act, 1961 according to area 139(1) of our nation, people having their earlier year salary surpassing the most extreme sum not chargeable to the assessment, are the ones who require filling of their annual expense forms


The process of filling the income tax returns electronically, i.e. by means of the internet is known as e-filling. E-filling of the income tax return has come up with comforts of filling your returns at your homes itself by registering on the income tax department websites or other web portals that offer the same kind of facilities. The due date for filing the tax returns is by the 31st of August.

The concept of E- Filling:

E-Filling is basically a facility that allows you to fill your income tax returns online. The filling can be done in two possible ways one is the traditional way which involves visiting the Income Tax Department and carrying out the formalities in the pen-paper format while the other is filling the same online. In today’s era where the internet is ruling almost every sector, so the concept of E-Filling has gained due popularity all over India, and one can quickly draw positive comparisons of it against the conventional method of filling the income tax returns. It’s easy to deal with and can be done within the corners of your home without giving a visit to the income tax office and wasting your time unnecessarily.
Types of e-Filing

 E-filling can be done by using the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) to e-file.It is necessary to document IT structures utilizing the (DSC) by an approved Chartered Accountant. In the event that you e-document without DSC, ITR V is being created, which must be printed, marked, and properly submitted to CPC, Bangalore by a basic post or speed post inside a range of 2 months from the date of your online enlistment you can record you IT returns through an E-return Intermediary (ERI) with DSC or even without DSC as there is no impulse for that.

Benefits of E-Filing:

E-filing today is one of the easiest options for taxpayers to file their income tax returns in India. Let’s have a recap of some of the major points that make e-filling a better option as compared to the old conventional methods.
  1. Quick Processing: at the point when you go for the online cycle of recording your annual expense, you will be recognized rapidly by the personal assessment office. One of the significant favorable circumstances of e-filling is that if there is any sort of discount, the online framework will handle it a lot speedier in contrast with that which is filled on paper.
  2. Convenient Processing: We can call it a convenient process because you can carry out the process any time anywhere if you have a mobile device or a laptop along with an internet connection. It’s open 24/7 for your convenience making it easier to carry out the process as and when you feel, keeping the due date in mind.
  3. Accuracy: the product made for the re-filling of profits accompanies worked in electronic highlights of network and approvals subsequently making it consistent. The product likewise diminishes the odds of having mistakes to a significant degree. Since recording your profits physically can cause a lot of mistakes in your documentation so to keep up an educational plan and have precision in the report of yours incline toward filling the profits through e-filling.
  4. Confidentiality: At the point when you pick recording your profits on paper there can be odds of your subtleties getting leaked.  The online cycle is anyway a lot more secure in correlation with manual documenting as your information won’t be open by some coincidence or plan.
  5.  Easy Usability: The e-recording entrance has been designed in such a way that it is truly simple to document your profits by following the online cycle. There is a lot of point-by-point guidelines that you can follow to guarantee the total and smooth preparation of the documenting.
  6. Proof of Receipt: Filing the income tax returns through the online process clearly means that the confirmation will be sent to you through email on the e-mail registered with your application. Since the process is an automated one, there will be no wastage of time in getting your confirmation.
  7. Electronic Banking: On the off chance that if there are any discounts that are because of you, they will be legitimately given to your financial balance. In the event that you have any assessment installments remaining, they will be legitimately charged from your ledger. You likewise have the choice to document your profits now and pay the charges a short time later. You can likewise decide to plan your ledger in a reasonable manner and appreciate the advantages offered to you by this office
  8. Accessibility: All the data about your past information can be gotten to without hardly lifting a finger when you are picking the online method. The information you have entered is put away with the farthest openness protecting your information forever which can be gotten to by you as indicated by your necessities and prerequisites.


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