Income Tax Challan 280

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Challan 280: For payment of income tax, corporation tax and wealth tax

To pay advance tax, self-assessment tax and daily assessment tax, challan 280 is used. You have the option of paying income tax through the internet via challan 280 online. You could previously pay tax offline at designated bank branches, but most banks have discontinued this option. You ought to have a net banking account for either of the banks to make an online tax payment. Challan 280 has been created to provide payment with an easy payment channel to the citizens. 

Challan 280 and other challans are provided to support the modernisation of Indian governmental working systems, be it of any department. Challan 280 is meant for the payment of advance tax, hence it supports the income tax department. The challan 280 is not only meant for individuals but also for business firms as they also pay corporation tax.

Challan 280

Making online payment of income tax through challan 280Income Tax Challan 280

You will pay the tax owed online by filling in the online edition of challan 280 and paying through your bank’s internet banking facility. Go to the website to make online purchases and press the online ion on the e-pay page or pay taxes. TIN is the Income Tax Department’s programme to collect, process, track, and pay direct taxes through information technology.

Steps to pay income tax via challan 280

On the TIN NSDL web page, click on the e-pay tab or pay online and select challan 280. One the form has been opened, enter the following information:

  • PAN number
  • Your address
  • Tax-free assessment year
  • Small head ode
  • Valid Tax (income tax in the case of paid employees)
  • Payment type: You must choose 100 in the event of paying tax in advance, 300 tax self-assessment and 400 tax in the standard test to make any payment only when the revenue department increases the need.
  • Select the bank from the drop-down list of banks.

After filling in all the required information, like the continue button, then the TIN system will display all the details you have entered, and your name will appear in the PAN tax department database that you have entered.

Note: PAN is responsible for the payment of income tax. Payment of taxes will not continue without a valid PAN number.

  • You will get the verification option you entered. If you find any corrections, click the Edit button to edit the details. After all the details are filled out correctly, click Submit. The TIN system will direct you to its web banking site.
  • Sign in to your bank account with a user ID and password and enter payment details. You need to divide your income into various items such as income tax and tuition fees et.
  • Your bank will process online transactions by deducting your amount and making effective payments; the system will generate printable acknowledgement showing the IN (challan Symbol Number). Challan’s approval will contain the IN number, payment details and bank name in which the payment was made. Challan’s confession is proof of payment. You can verify the status of Challan online in the Challan status inquiry section on the NSDL-TIN website using your IN after payment week.

Precautions while filing income tax challan 280

  • Quote the correct PAN number and name, and address in Challan 280 used for taxing.
  • Use a different Challan for each payment and fill in the correct ode number corresponding to the correct payment type.
  • Make no mistake by indicating FY (Financial Year) and AY (Test Year) while completing the appropriate Challan.
  • Do not use the same Challan to make payments for different tax types such as pre-tax, self-assessment tax, etc.

Challan 281: For depositing TDS deducted from corporate and non-corporate

The Department of Revenue authorizes TDS online payments by completing Challan 281. Challan 281 is used to make deductions from source tax (TDS) under any head of income or source tax collected (TS) by corporate and non-corporate taxpayers. Challan 281 is used to make TDS and TS payments (Source Tax collected). The payment methods included under Challan 281 are:

  • TDS / TS paid by the taxpayer.
  • TDS / TS contradicts the general requirement for testing.

Steps to fill challan 281

  • Go to the TDS online payment link on the TIN NSDL web page.
  • Select Challan 281 for TDS / TS payment.
  • Select deductee ode. The debtor is required to select mode 0020 in the event of a company TDS insurance company and 0021 in the event of a non-corporate deduction. The following information is required to be completed:
  • TAN number and year of testing.
  • Personal information usually such as an address, mobile number and email ID.
  • Payment mode: The payment type needs to be generated with the appropriate ode. The odes given to Challan 281 are 200 and 400. ode 200 is for TDS / TS paid, and 400 TDS / TS ode is paid for general testing.

TDS type: The drawer needs to select the payment category where the TDS payment is made. TDS can be paid in terms of salary, tax, payment made to subcontractors et. Challan 281 contains a list of categories such as:

  • Section 94: TDS deducted from payments made to subcontractors.
  • Section 92B: For TDS deductions from payments made as salary.
  • Section 94I: For TDS deductions from payments made as rent.
  • Section 94J: TDS is deducted from professional payments made.

The issuer needs to choose a bank with which he intends to pay taxes. Must have a net bank account and a valid amount for this activity.

  • After filling out the above details, the borrower must pay by logging into his or her bank account by filling in a valid username and password.
  • After payment has been successfully made, the system will generate a receipt. The creditor is required to keep the receipt as proof of payment.
  • The issuer can check the status of Challan online one week after making the payment. Check the status using an IN number or TAN number.

Precautions while filling Challan 281 online

  • Quote 10 digit number of the TAN correctly, and the caller’s name and address for each Challan used to enter the tax.
  • Use a different Challan to insert the tax deducted under the various categories. For example – use Challan 94 to get TDS to pay contractors and subcontractors and use Challan 94I to get TDS to pay rent.
  • Select the appropriate ode number as specified for each payment type.
  • Make no mistake about showing AY (Test Year) and FY (Financial Year) while completing the Challan.
  • All business units are required to enter Challan with only one TAN number. If the caller has a different TAN number for a different business branch, they are advised to tax less than one TAN number and provide the remaining TAN numbers.

Challan 287: For payment of income tax under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana Scheme or PMGKY, 2016

Under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY) Scheme, 2016, Challan 287 is used for tax payments by taxpayers preparing to report money. From 17 December 2016 until 31 March 2017, the PMGKY Scheme is valid.

Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana Scheme or PMGKY, 2016

You should report all of your disclosed income (either in the form of cash or deposit) to pay duty, cessation or penalty under the taxation and investment regime of PMGKY, 2016. Under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana Scheme, 2016, the tax on such reported earnings is deposited in government accounts using Challan 287.

How to pay tax under PMGKY?

  • Announce revenue such as deposits and cash: You are required to disclose your non-refundable income and cash under the PMGKY, 2016 government.
  • Pay taxes and make a deposit: You must pay 50% tax on the declared salary as defined by the Income Tax Department. After that, you will have to pay 25% of the amount announced in Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, 2016. Such payments will be withheld from the government for four years for interest-free interest.
  • Payment of income using Challan 287 and proof of payment: After performing the above steps, you are required to pay tax using challan 287 and obtain counter-in respect of the payment made. Counterfoil is used as proof of payment made by you.

How to pay income tax using Challan 287 online?

You can pay income tax online under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana Scheme, 2016 or PMGKY, 2016 through Challan 287. To pay income tax on challan 287, you must follow the following steps:

  • Visit the TIN NSDL website and select Challan 287

Fill in your details on PMGKY Challan 287, such as:

  • Test year: about 2017-18 as PMGKY is active until 17 December 2016 to March 31, 2017.
  • Tax type: tax type must be 0028
  • Payment type: You need to complete 112 payment under PMGKY
  • Once you have completed the details, select the payment option. The program will redirect you to your banking website.
  • Please log in to your registered account with a valid username and password. Enter payment details. Your bank will process the transaction and automatically add your account to the tax rate.
  • After the successful payment, the system will generate a printed acknowledgement showing the Challan Identification (CIN) number. Admission will include details such as CIN, payment details and bank details of the payment.
  • You can also verify the status of your challan 287 in the Challan Status Inquiry section on the NSDL-TIN website using the CIN after one week of payment.
  • You can also verify your Challan 287 using your CIN number on your Form 26AS.

How to pay income tax using Challan 287 offline?

You can also pay income tax under PMGKY, 2016 using Challan 287 offline by visiting a designated bank branch. You can pay by check or claim a draft. After payment, the counterfoil containing the CIN number and payment details will be issued by the bank. You can confirm your challan on the TIN NSDL website after payment week.

Be careful while completing Challan 287 online.

  • The PAN number is mandatory for tax use using Challan 287. If you do not have a PAN number, apply for a PAN number and the date of the application quote and approval number.
  • Please ensure that the anti-bank road includes the following information:
  • The BSR code is the 7-digit bank code at which the payment is made.
  • Date of Challan Deposit
  • Challan serial number
  • CIN number

Challan 286: For payment of Undisclosed income under Income Tax Declaration Scheme, 2016

The Finance Act, 2016 consisted of paying taxes on undisclosed income earned during the previous year under the Government’s Income Tax Disclosure Scheme, 2016. Challan 286 may be used to pay the state’s income tax on such sales. As prescribed by the Income Tax Department, income tax on such undisclosed income is payable at a 45 per cent rate. The device is effective as of June 1st, 2016.

Challan 26QB: For TDS on sale of property

As per the provisions mentioned in section 194-IA, where a buyer purchases an immovable property such as a house or part of a building other than agricultural land, it is required to deduct TDS on such property at 1% at the time of payment to the seller at a cost greater than ₹ 50 Lakh. The taxation on such property is subjected to capital gain tax. Corporate and non-corporate deductors may use the method.

Check details to be filled in Challan 26QB.

  • The PAN section draws cash and deductions such as corporate or non-corporate
  • Full name of drag and drop
  • Drag and drop address
  • Selection of the number of more than one draw or deduction
  • Details of the location transferred and the full address of that location
  • Date of agreement or booking, consideration of scale and type of payment (total amount or instalment)
  • Amount paid or deposited.
  • TDS amount and other information such as TDS rate, interest, fees etc.
  • Payment method (full bank or e-payment by visiting the bank branch by visiting
  • Payment/credit date and tax deduction date

Precautions while filing Challan 26QB

  • The buyer is required to deduct TDS to 1% of total sales considerations. Only the buyer will draw TDS and not the seller.
  • No TDS will be deducted if sales considerations are less than ₹ 50 Lakh. In the event of payment of instalments, TDS will be deducted from each instalment.
  • Taxes must be paid on all sales fees.
  • The buyer is not required to obtain a TAN number (Tax Account Number).
  • The seller is required to provide his or her PAN number. Otherwise, the TDS will be deducted at 20%. The customer also needs to provide his or her PAN number.
  • TDS is deducted at the time of payment or at the time of granting credit to the merchant, anywhere in the past.
  • TDS will be filed with Form 26QB within 7 days from the end of the month in which TDS is deducted.
  • After the payment of TDS to the government, the buyer needs to issue a TDS certificate to the seller.

How to pay TDS through Challan 26QB?

  • To pay for TDS using Challan 26QB, visit the website
  • After that, click on Challan 26QB and select the taxpayer type:
  • Union taxpayer: 0020
  • Non-corporate Taxpayer: 0021
  • Fill in details such as the financial year and the year of assessment, the name of the deductor, the address of the debtor and the trustee, the area’s details, and the amount of tax deducted.
  • Choose a payment method. Choose instant e-tax payments online and e-days offline payment.
  • In case you choose to pay online with full banking. Log in to your net bank account using a valid username and password.
  • After successful payment, the system will issue a printed consent containing details such as TDS payment and banking details.
  • In case you choose to pay offline, remove the printout from your acceptance slip. The approval slip will be valid for 10 days after production. You can pay tax by check or by Demand Draft by visiting a designated bank branch. After you make a successful payment bank, it will give you a copy of your Challan 26QB.


✅ What is Challan 280 income tax?

Challan 280 is one of the six Challans required by the Income-Tax Department to be filled by the income taxes. It is used for the payment of advance tax, annual appraisal tax, and self-assessment tax. Challan is required to fill up the taxpayers’ income tax online.

✅ How can I get Challan 280?

You will get Challan 280 either on the Income Tax Department’s official website or on the TIN NSDL website. Tap on the option ‘pay taxes online or on the ‘pay tab on the web page. Select Challan 280 from the drop-down menu after selecting this option. You can also call Dialabank at 9878981166 to help you with the same.

✅ How can I pay my income tax online with Challan 280?

  • Visit the official NSDL website.
  • On the website, visit the ‘pay online taxes’ option and select challan 280.
  • Just fill in the required information such as PAN number, applicable tax, bank details and address, among others.
  • Select the resume option after filling out the form.
  • Verify the details and fill in the income tax through the net banking centre.

✅ What is the difference between Challan 280 and 281?

Challan 280 and challan 281 are effective in filing different types of taxes. While challan 280 is required to pay the self-assessment tax, the standard tax check, and the advance tax. Challan 281, on the other hand, is required for making deductions from source tax (TDS) and source tax (TCS).

✅ How can I download paid Challan 281?

To download a paid copy of challan 281, one can visit the ‘challan status inquiry’ tab on the official NSDL website. One can access a paid challan by entering the Challan identification number or CIN. Alternatively, a paid challan 281 can be downloaded with a full bank account of the appropriate bank. Go to the ‘e-tax’ option on the bank net network and select the ‘reprint challan’ option.

✅ How can I pay TDS challan 281?

To pay for TDS challan 281, one needs to visit the official NSDL website and follow the steps below:

  • Select the number of challan 281 on the e-pay tab on the website.
  • Just fill in the required information such as bank details, address, TAN number and more.
  • After filling in the details, click the ‘Continue’ button. Confirm the details and proceed to select ‘Send’.
  • As soon as you select the shipping option, you will be redirected to the billing page.
  • Enter full bank details, log in and pay challan.

✅ Where can I find Acknowledgement no in 26QB?

The Challan 26QB must be completed by paying TDS to purchase an immovable property like a building or part thereof. One can find the consent number on the official website of the Income Tax Department. On the website, select the option, ‘view consent’, and enter the required information such as the buyer and seller’s PAN number.

✅ How do I print my 26QB bill after payment?

Taxpayers can print the 26QB bill after payment from the bank portion used to fill challan 26QB. Log in to the net banking site and access the ‘e-tax’ option. Enter the required information according to the acceptance slip, and select the ‘Print’ option.