Time As Investment

Time as an investment should always be your first priority. If you work in a finance company, then you must know ROI (Return On Investment). It is the term by which we come to know how we are earning on our investment, and all the investors want ROI to be highest. For us, it is only for money purposes.


If we think deeply then, we come to know that money is not only the investment we make time also plays an important and major role in investment. As we know time is very precious for us, The time once has gone does not come back. So when we do anything that means we are investing our time in that. Even when we watch TV, play games, whatever we do in daily life, in everything we are investing in our time. If the serial or playing game is good, then we get a good return as entertainment otherwise we waste our investment.

In many ways, time is more valuable and important than money. We can have many opportunities to make more money, but the time that has gone we can never get it back. If we take time as a commodity, actions as investments, it changes the way we approach everyday decisions.

When we spend our time playing, working, eating, sleeping, and many more activities in life. All are necessary, but in business, we have to make a preference list. If we spend our time in one area, then it is necessary to make sure that that area is perfect for that much investment.

Here, some ways are listed by which we can maximize our ROI (Return On Investment) of time.

Advantage of compounding interest:- every person who is in finance knows that when you invest, earn interest. After a long time, you get a good amount of your investment. Similarly, if you invest time in any activity by working hard, you put yourself in a position to move on the way of success that will continue compounding for the rest of life.

Get positives: – we can spend time in several activities, but like the business, we must spend time in the area from which we can get benefits. For example, by writing an article, we can make money, increase knowledge of subjects, goodwill as an expert, and so on.

Ignore negatives:- As we know every coin has two values one positive, one negative. Some people spend their time in good activities and some bad. The weakness of many people is going out drinking. It has three harms: you waste your time, waste your money as drinks are costly, and ruin the day.

If you want to make money so that you can live your lifestyle ideally, then start thinking of every moment as an investment. Everything is significant. If you want to make money so that you can live your lifestyle ideally, then start thinking of every moment as an investment.

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