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About Health Insurance

Health is most important for everyone. We cannot compromise with our health issues. When it comes to our health or our close ones, then we are concerned. Nowadays as the cost of health treatment is increasing day by day and health expenses are out of budget. Health insurance occupies a very important role in financial planning.

If you want to have a health insurance policy, you must do complete research on health insurance companies available in the market. If you are planning to have insurance for your whole family, then you should ask for a discount, There are many insurance companies available who provide lower premium when you are buying for the whole family.

You have to put high time on selecting an insurance company if you want to save money. There are lots of insurance policies available in the market, you have to choose the one according to your needs. Instead of sitting with an agent you should do homework on insurance plans and understand everything before you pick up one.

If you are confused about various insurance plans available in the market, you can also consult a broker about that. Before hiring a broker, you should be aware to choose the right one.

Humans can be exposed to serious illnesses like fire, natural disasters, etc. because human life is unpredictable you never know in your next second of life you will be fine or not. These insurance policies help you at this time. When you pay your premiums it should be noted that you should not pay through credit cards because some of the insurance companies charge extra about 10-15% extra when you pay through credit card.

Your insurance company will provide you a book about health insurance you should read that book carefully. By reading that you will be clear about your responsibilities and rights.

It is always good to go for those health insurance policies which have high deductibles. People usually think if they go for low deductibles then they have to pay less from their pockets. If you frequently visit the doctor, this is a good plan because higher premiums cost more then you save from low deductibles.

Insurance can be taken into perspective: Individual and society

From an individual point of view: Health insurance is an agreement between two insurance buyers and insurers. In which the insurance buyer has to pay the premiums to the insurer in stipulated time and in return the insurer has to pay back if the person is ill or a person dies.

From society’s point of view: The individual transfer the financial risk associated with the life to the group of people which involved funds accumulation.



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