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When you are planning a trip on a cruise to the Bahamas or a flight to Paris, you might be thinking of getting travel insurance. Some feel that they must buy the insurance, and others may wish they had. If you are not sure whether to buy a travel coverage plan, then there is a need to know the advantages and disadvantages of a travel insurance plan. After understanding the pros and cons of travel insurance, you can make your decision.

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Advantages of Travel Insurance:

Here, are a few positive points attached to purchasing insurance:

• The most crucial point favoring the use of travel insurance is the fact that medical attention overseas is extremely expensive.

• Assume if, at any time, some or your entire luggage can be lost in transit at the start of your trip, then it could spell disaster without insurance.

• If your valuables get lost, misplaced, or stolen, then you will be able to substitute what you have lost if you have taken out insurance.

• If whatever reason either through work or family commitments, you cannot travel, you will be able to make a claim on the insurance rather than losing the funds for your trip.

Disadvantages of Travel Insurance:

Here, are a few negatives associated with purchasing insurance:

• There is a possibility that nothing ever happens to you when traveling. Therefore, if you do not purchase travel insurance, you can always have the extra money in your pocket.

• It certainly works against travel insurance, if you are young and healthy and you never fall sick. In that case, you ask yourself, why I should purchase insurance when all these things are in my favor and the possibility of nothing happening to me is higher than the possibility of something happening.

• If you are a usual voyager and nothing has ever happened, there is lesser enthusiasm to buy insurance now.

• People who are enormously careful have a propensity to think that purchasing travel insurance is a ravage of money.

Once you have cautiously gone through all the advantages and disadvantages, you can choose whether you want to purchase travel insurance or not. Everything depends on how frequently you travel and for what reason. Therefore, make up your mind and travel safely.


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