What to do if Original Property Papers are lost?

About Original Property Papers

 Original Property Papers are lostIt is better to check the requisite documentation of the property, at the time when fake business and duplicity are dispersed like a disease before making any final decision. It is important to have all property documents prior to the purchase or sale of a house. But here are some measures to follow if Original Property Papers are lost.


  • Duplicate Documents: There is an alternative in the case as if original papers are lost. It does not mean we cannot opt for buying a property. A suitable option is the duplicate documents if you want to sell the property that has no original papers. It can also help to avail and secure a loan to prevent spoiling the budget from your pocket.
  • Obtaining duplicate documents: If the essential documents are misplaced, the primary step is to file an FIR. A buyer has the right to ask the seller for a copy of an FIR. This loss of documents can also be published in the newspapers.
  • Notary registration: The property owner can pursue a duplicate share certificate on the basis of police complaint from the housing society. If the share certificate application is passed in society meeting, certificate copy is issued charging some amount. The most significant document is NOC for both buyer and the owner. A stamp paper must state loss of documents as an undertaking.
  • Duplicate copy of the original sale record: The registrar’s office maintains the records of transactions in its jurisdiction. It is the place where we can obtain a duplicate copy of the original sale deed. After submitting all copies of FIR, the share certificate and required charges, a copy of the original sale deed is issued.


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