India Moves Up in World Bank's Ease of Doing Business List

Oct 28, 2015: India has improved its ranking in World Bank’s list of “Ease of Doing Business”. Our PM Mr. Narendera Modi has shared his vision of making India the best choice for doing business earlier. It has been started on positive note. India is now ranked at 134th place out of 189 countries by the World Bank on the list of “Ease of Doing Business”. It was at the 142nd place earlier.

India has improved its ranking by moving 8 places. The country has revised its rules and methodology to provide a top investment destination for the foreign investors. PM Modi has stated that he wants India to grow in the investment sector. He aims India to be among the top 50 nations on this list published each year by the World Bank.


Investment in India


The first three places have been covered by Singapore, New Zealand and Denmark while the bottom three are taken by South Sudan, Libya and Eritrea.

Our neighboring country China has got 84th spot, moving up six places.

The Chief Economist of World Bank Mr. Kaushik Basu has termed this improvement as a “remarkable achievement”. He said, "Going from 142 in the world to 130, as India has done, is a very good sign. It gives a good signal about the way things are moving in India."

This list is based on the detailed analysis such as how much flexibility is there for the investors to start a new business in the country.