RBI to buy back Rs 15,000 crore Government Bonds

Feb 19, 2016: RBI is planning to buy the government bonds worth Rs. 1500 crore again. These bonds will get mature in next few months and RBI will repurchase the same on next Monday. This step will help to stabilize the cash crisis in the banking industry and create a fresh requirement for securities.

"The repurchase by the Government of India will be undertaken to prematurely redeem the government stocks by utilizing its surplus cash balances," RBI said.

Reserve Bank of India is going to buy three securities that will be repaid in April or August 2016.


RBI will ease the liquidity in the market by buying these stocks.

According to a data published by RBI, the average daily liquidity injection has been raised from Rs. 1, 20,000 crore to Rs. 1, 34, 500 crore in one month from December to January. Liquidity is an important factor for any economy. It shows the easiness to buy or sell assets in a market.

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