8 to 10 per cent Growth is Possible says Chief Economic Adviser

April 12, 2016: During his visit in Washington, the Chief Economic Adviser of India, Arvind Subramanian said, “looking at the current growth of India, it seems quite sure that 8-10% growth is realizable”. He added that India will definitely rise in right direction besides lagging in oil-resources.

According to Mr. Subramanian, India can achieve the growth rate of 8 to 10 pet cent if the reforms in different sectors like exports, manufacturing and services happen.

American thinker Ashley Tell is highlighted by saying there are three obstacles in India’s journey-

  1. First, India never desired to become a great power. In earl’s Indian civilization emerged as a great boom but later it gradually slowed down. Steps should be taken to boost this hole.
  2. Second, India was not able to make a decent economy that helps to make a good economy. Agenda of the economic hike is one of the important factors in which focus is to be given.
  3. Third reason is India’s self-weaknesses with respect to state capacity.

All these factors are basically the main sign of pain in our annual growth progress.