4.6 Lakh crore post record in CPSEs

In FY21, the economy of the CPSEs is slowing down. The Nirmala Sitharaman says these. The revenue had said in FY21. The CPSEs had primarily been by the fort of the domestic products. There are 37 large CPSEs in the annual CAPEX, and there were rupees 46.6 lakh in the 92 percent. FY21

There is a 4.3 percent increase in the previous years. In the government, there is 1.25 lakh crore in FY21. And in the NHAIs are up to 100 percent. Nitin Gadkari had a record of 37 kilometre in FY21.  

There is around 78 percent in the 1.24 lakh crore. In the railways, the IOC crore is 115 percent. And in the HPCL, there are FY21. There are 10,500 crores in achieving .there are around 42 percent in the FY21 of 6700 crores. 

There is a decline in the rates of the Capex and tempo.  In Q3FY21, there is about 0.4 percent in Q2. The CAPEX has about 3-4 times of the government. There is Q4FY21 9, the covid wave in the union budget. 

The center has around 4.1 lakh crore budget in the 33 percent of FY21. There are about 16 central states. In the year, there is 16 percent in April-February of the 5 percent of the negative growth. In FY20, the public CAPEX is of the ratio 5:3:6;3:4. There are both CPSEs and the central budget. But the ratio in FY21 ratio is 3:4:4:5 CAPEX.


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