HDFC Bank sector has a piece of good news

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HDFC Home Loan

HDFC Bank is one of the major banks which is linked to the trends and it was announced over this weekend. The major highlights of the result were that we noticed an advance growth and also a quite noticeable reduction in the rate of NPA.

We could see a buzz about NPA because the moratorium which was announced by the RBI. As far as the balance sheets are concerned it is said that NPA wouldn’t affect much Q2. According to sources, it is said that HDFC Bank has performed brilliantly in its advances. The advances were 19%. If we have grown with low NPA coming in, these stocks will have value.

If we see overall development then it can be seen that HDFC Bank has performed quite well in its Q2 and if we only compare about growth then the performance of HDFC Bank in Q1 was better than its performance in Q2. It has also reduced stress on its balance sheet as we could see a rise in the balance sheet by 22% The market is now building on these expectations.

As of now, NPA level has got reduced we have seen good growth in the advances and we can also see that the stress of covering losses in balance sheets has also reduced and we can also see good demand of people in approach towards taking loans especially personal loans.

In the present market scenario, it can be said that HDFC Bank is the strongest bank in personal loan banking. Now if we have a look at the NBFC’s we can also many big companies in it like Bajaj finance, M&M finance. We have also seen very good growth in the NBFC side. We have also seen much year-on-year development on the automobile side.

We have also seen great development in IT sector like Wipro have been trying to upgrade their guidances. They are also having huge payouts. As confidence can be only by cracking out big deals and this has been proved by IT sectors, Automobile sectors, Banking sectors by kicking off great results.