ACE Credit Card: Next Big Thing in Market by Axis Bank with Visa and Google Pay

In association with Google Pay and Visa, Axis bank has introduced ACE credit card in the market. Payments made via Google Pay can get you up to 5% of cashback, and this can be availed f on orders made through several other applications which you may use on a regular basis such as Zomato, Grofers, Ola, and Big Basket.

ACE credit card

ACE credit card for better and more secure transactions

Where the world has made a move towards shifting everything online and making transactions easier, Axis bank has introduced an innovative facility of ACE credit card where all the cashback points will directly get credited to the account of the cardholder, and they can easily keep track of the same without any hassle.

They have brought to the forefront an excellent way of conducting transaction where the cardholders will not have to share the details of the ACE credit card. The tokenisation feature is the centre of attraction of this credit card facility, where a digital token will be provided to the cardholder in their respective registered GooglePay mobile number, and all they have to do is put to use their mobile phone to carry the transaction securely.

The ACE credit card can be easily availed through the GooglePay application that the cardholders can download and use at any point in time without any complicated procedure. If any customer wants to avail of this facility in 2020, then the bank has waived off the joining fees of rupees 499. In the subsequent year, i.e., 2021, the joining fees, will be reversed if the cardholder makes a transaction of rupees 10,00 over a period of 45 days.

The card additionally offers a waiver of 1% fuels surcharge waiver with a benefit up to rupees 500 for transactions between rupees 400 to 4,000. The facility, as discussed above, will make the process of maintaining an account of the transactions conducted and benefits availed.

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