Aspergillosis has become a severe danger after recuperation from covid

Aspergillosis becomes a severe danger after covid 

Aspergillosis, or green fungus, is emerging as a post-Covid consequence in patients across the country, following mucormycosis, or black fungus, another fungal illness. Aspergillosis is increasingly being reported in hospitals across the country in patients who have recently recovered from a protracted Covid-19 infection and have low immunity as well as comorbidities like diabetes. Aspergillosis has become a severe danger after recuperation from covid

“Patients who have recovered from lengthy Covid are complaining dyspnea and a high-grade fever that is not responding to antibiotics,” said Vivek Nangia, principal director (pulmonology) at Max Hospital Saket. “It mainly affects diabetic patients who have a weakened immune system.”

Aspergillosis affects the lungs of a patient, whereas mucormycosis affects the sinuses. It’s not as bad as mucormycosis, which needs debulking procedures (surgical removal of affected tissue including in the eye).

Many patients, on the other hand, are presenting to hospitals with a dual fungal infection – mucormycosis and aspergillosis.

“A significant percentage of fungal infections — about 8% — come with a dual fungal illness mucormycosis and aspergillosis,” said Rahul Bhargava, director of the Fortis Memorial Research Institute’s bone marrow transplant program.

“Aspergillosis is something that affects the lungs, while mucormycosis affects the sino-orbital region.”


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