ASX 200 shares end flat as Australian Major Banks weigh

Shares end flat as Australia Major Banks weigh 

As the present world is not going through the proper phase because of the badly hit up off by the pandemic which has started in 2019 but still it is continuing and have claimed over 40 lacs of people worldwide.ASX 200 shares end flat as Australian Major Banks weigh

All the economist are doing their level best in order to bring the stability back just sat it used to be in the financial market.

The series of implementation of policies and reforms for changing the rules and regulations in the limitations of the services for example lowering the rate of interest extending the time period for introducing any kind of moratorium period all are being done in order to make sure that the people do not get into any kind of trouble and can repay their amount as much as possible as for the situation.

On the other side of the coin, Australia is showing a slight decrease in the cases in Sydney on Tuesday. As the things are answered in the lockdown extension can happen at any moment of time.

This has also affected the financial industries as well. According to the share market of Australia, the Australian shares close flat on that particular day.

Among all the stocks the two most important stocks which are the financial index of the heavyweight recorded 0.4 % lower while on the other side commonwealth Bank of Australia skidded to 0.8%.



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