At 20%, small finance banks have the highest return on advances

Emerging small financial banks pay about twice as much as their peer payers at a higher rate of 8.66% but maintain a high return on development by almost 20 percent and the assets and equity of young people higher than their peers, the report said. According to an analysis of key financial metrics for small financial institutions (SFBs) by Care Ratings in comparison with their public, private and external peers, these new entities on the financial road pay 8.20 percent of the deposit interest rate, which in the case of banks in the public sector is only 4.96 percent, 5.26 percent for private companies and 3.65 percent for foreign banks.

And SFBs pay a higher rate of 8.66 percent on financing, as compared to 4.92 percent for the public sector, 5.41 percent for private lenders, and 3.73 percent for foreign banks. But when it comes to the return to development, SFBs set a net worth of 19.87 percent, compared to 8.16 percent of PSBs, 10.10 percent of private lenders, and 8.45 percent of external lenders. Similarly, in real estate restitution, PSBs received 0.23 percent, private lenders received 0.51 percent while MNC lenders received a lower 1.55 percent and SFBs received a higher percentage of 1.70 percent.

SFBs have the second largest number when it comes to 15 percent glossary refunds, as compared to 4.16 percent removal from PSBs, 3.30 percent lowering private sector banks, and 8.76 percent foreign investors return. of them, according to Care Ratings based on the latest RBI report on ‘banking trends and progress’.

10 SFBs emerged later in 2016 to provide a vehicle for saving unused plots and providing credit to small businesses, subsistence farmers. These 10 SFBs have a total balance of Rs 1.33 lakh crore from FY20 and their share in the general banking system was 0.7 percent, which was after a 58 percent increase in FY20, while the rest of the bank was invested at 8.5 percent.

They had a cumulative investment of Rs 24,203 crore while the loan amount was Rs 90,576 crore where they received a joint income of Rs 19,219 crore while their interest rate was Rs 16,948 crore and the other income was Rs 2,271 crore.


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