Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit set the foot by outshining the gold investments.

The fundamental difference between gold investments and FDs is that FDs do not depend on any external factors. On the contrary, the gold returns always depend on external factors like the prices of gold and the overall market rate. Bajaj Finance Finserve has set its foot higher than the gold investments by boasting about their punctuality with interest payments.

Bajaj Finance witnesses more interest in gold investments

Bajaj Finance

The interest rate that Bajaj Finance gives to its customers for curating an FD in the bank is 7.5% for five years of cumulative, which is higher than any other banks. This rate hasn’t reduced even in the lockdown and has been shelling out timely interests to its customer. This, however, becomes the safest option over gold investments at any given point. Considering, gold investments are subjected to appreciation and depreciation.

Bajaj Finance is one of the most trusted institutions because of its series of credits and certificates that have been given to them by trusted organizations. The ICRA (Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency) has given it the MAAA (stable) certification.

FAAA rating has been given to them by the CRISIL (Credit Rating Information Services of India). However, one does not see any safety ratings on gold investments. Thus the gold investments are at risk than Fixed Deposits. Bajaj Finances caters to over 40 million customers that makes them one of the best picks in the NBFCs. They have also launched the online version of their products which makes it easy for their customers to avail of the products and take their maximum benefit.

Bajaj Finances have been very particular about their interests and claim to have no outstanding or unclaimed depositions. They always display a panel of happy customers who trade loyalty with their good services.

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