All the Auto dealers urge the finance ministry.

All the automobile dealers on Thursday already urged the Finance Ministry and the Reserve bank of India to take other types of basic steps to help every auto dealer tide over the current lull in all the businesses because of this types of the exponential rise in cases of the Covid-19 which has also necessitated shutting down of every showroom across states.RBI

The payment of Goods and Services Tax for the next few months, reduction in some types of essential cost of provident fund for the employees and drop in the rates on loans.

Currently, this pandemic and the lockdowns are being imposed by almost every state government to break the chain of this type of virus. This would not only have an adverse financial impact on every dealership, but many of the tiny family-run enterprises may not even survive by this period.

All the dealers have already requested the central bank to direct the public and private banks not to charge any type of interest on this type of loans like a gold loan or other types of necessary loans taken during the lockdown period in different states. 

They always asked the central bank to extend some types of primary and necessary benefits of loan restructuring, announced as this also includes expenses like wages, salaries, rent and many types of electricity or other things. 

All the dealers also have to pay some types of loan they have already taken for any of the banks for buying inventory from any of the auto companies.

Every type of manufacturing and the sales of automobiles already came under pressure from the few weeks of April whenever the state government of Maharashtra announced the lockdown measures to some of the content and rising cases of this pandemic Covid infections. 


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