At ‘peak’ of asset quality stress; has ‘many positives’: CEO of Yes Bank

A top official has confirmed Yes Bank has reached the peak of its quality of assets and focus after documenting heightened challenges in the earnings for the December quarter, even though there can be a bounce in the (GNPA) gross non-performing assets ratio in the March quarter. The ratio of the GNPA probably will shoot up to stroke 20 percent of the across-the-board assets once the Supreme Court order on poor asset recognition comes in, the official reported and some differences were not comprehended due to the order of the supreme court and the restructured the assets and the overall stressed assets would be greater than ever.

The pressure we witnessed is a peak and there are many positives on the quality of the asset like collections being improving, the rate of cheque bounce is going constantly down to the normals and the retrievals being much high, it was exclusively mentioned by the source, the managing director and chief executive Prashant Kumar to the PTI. It mentioned the bank had asserted that an amount totaling over Rs 18,551 crore of its Rs 1.69 lakh crore of upgrades was under some level of stress as of December 31, 2020. The standard accounts contained Rs 8,322 crore, advances were unpaid for between 61-90 days were at Rs 6,537 crore and other COVID-related restructured loans were at Rs 3,692 crore. Of the Rs, 18,551 crores, are reconstructing and have been mustered in Rs 8,062 crores.


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