IDBI Bank Board allows compensation Off Accumulated Losses Against Securities Premium Account

LIC regulated IDBI Bank on Friday announced that its board has authorized a suggestion of blowing up the lender’s accumulated losses by April 1, 2021, in full or part by operating the balance in the securities premium account. IDBI Bank had announced in a regular filing that the Board of Directors in a discussion which was held on Friday, February 12, 2021, have authorized the suggestion for blowing up accumulated losses of the bank as of April 1, 2021, entirely or to such importance as may be feasible by employing the balance standing to the credit of the Securities Premium Account of the Bank as on the announced date. The compensation of accumulated losses will take place through a strategy under the Companies Act, 2013, and accountable to statutory permissions as well as the permission of shareholders, it confirmed.

Providing explanations for the play, the lender announced the accumulated losses have wiped-off its significance represented by the share capital. Given the accumulated losses, all the items that are distributable in words of RBI’s notification as dated February 2017, are unfavorable and the bank is not at all capable of giving rise to coupon payment of additional tier (AT)1 bond,’ it asserted. This is affecting the bank’s strategy to put forward AT1 bonds immediately as it announced, adding it understands curtailing the share capital is the most logical and economically profitable alternative to illustrate a real and adequate impression of the financial standpoint of the bank. IDBI Bank had a representation of real value that would boost members as their own will yield better significance and also encourage to explore the bank opportunities to benefit its members, encompassing in the form of premium payout within a sufficient time frame.


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