The success of bad bank is hanged on the support provided from PVT Lenders: SBI MD

State-run lenders will lead the way in maintaining the bad bank, but the sick asset resolution platform will require private banks and other lenders’ support to succeed, according to State Bank of India Managing Director Swaminathan J.

The lead would be taken by the state-run lenders of the bad bank, but the bizarre asset revolution stage wants the support of private banks and the other lenders to be fruitful, says the Managing Director of State Bank of India Swaminathan J on Thursday.

The National Asset Reconstruction Property (NARC) says that if the lenders come on board in the budget, then they would get an opportunity to collect 100% of a sick company’s remaining loans, which will eventually lead to the betterment of the asset quality strain for everyone.

The announcement on the special outlines of the NARC or the bad bank is yet to be done by the government. It has been said that it has to deliver some independent guarantee to help the platform.

The success of bad bank is hanged on the support provided from PVT Lenders

In recent times, the economic industry stakeholders are reaching out to their interest and one of the units will take the lead once the potential stockholders are in the position.

The lead bank or the investor will apply for the RBI and has a share of over 100% to operate as an ARC says the confident SBI executive stressing on the matter that funding is no more a problem for the bad bank.

Many lenders are forced to be on board till the asset is shifted to NARC. The SBI executive also added that the meaning of majority or many is likely to be done by the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.

The bad bank will be operating based on the 15:85 structure, which means that only 15 % will be paid as cash and the rest would be named as the security receipts. He added that the model will make sure that the money requirements are not very high.


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