Bank of India Gold Loan: Getting Money Made Easier

Fill your needs along with the Bank of India Bank Gold Loan that allows you to earn money in 45 minutes!

Bank of India Bank Gold Loan is your straightforward solution to meeting your most important financial needs. Whatever your reasoning, education, business expansion, personal needs, medical problem or any other specified use, Our loan against Gold is everything you need.

In times of crisis, you can take out a Gold Loan, for any use without buying jewellery.

Gold is a precious commodity, and with it comes certainty and stability, so why not let it work for you? With smaller text and faster release, Gold Loan is a seamless solution. You can get an Anti-Gold Loan at any time. Our flexible accommodation and payment options ensure that your monthly exit is within your budget.

Features of Bank of India Gold Loan:

  1. The offering of the Gold Loan
  • Loan Time, OD and Bullet repayment is available.

   2. Interest on Gold Loans

  • Bank of India Bank Gold Loan comes with competitive interest rates on Term Loan, Overdraft and EMI loan. Pay off your loan at simple low-level EMIs, in addition to the method you have chosen.

   3. Gold Borrowing Time

  • Gold loans are available for periods ranging from 3 months to 24 months.

  4. Repayment of gold loan

  • Every month just pay only the interest on the loan
  • Enjoy a monthly subscription of less than l 1,000 per lakh (depending on the reference rate of 12% pa)
  • Return interest and principal after one year in case of bullying

 5. Gold Loan Processing

  • Quick Turn
  • Enjoy simple texts and quick releases
  • Do not pay the hidden costs and meet the process that is completely transparent 

   6. Gold Loan Amount

  • Get a loan starting at ₹ 25,000 (Minimum loan amount ₹ 10000 / – available in rural markets)

All the Charges and fees to be known:

Fees Amount to be paid
 Processing of Loan fees up to 1%
Valuation charges

Rs 250 + tax up to 1.5 lacs per loan

Rs 575 + tax above 1.5 lacs per loan

Foreclosure fees 2% + tax (depending on ROI)
Stamp Duty and statutory fees Decided at the bank
Processing Renewal charges Rs 350 + tax
Auction fees As per actual
Prepayment fees 2% + tax

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