Bank of Maharashtra Launches Doorstep Banking Services


Bank of Maharashtra (BoM) is now offering doorstep banking services (DSBS) at 100 centres through its 555 branches across the country.

Bank of Maharashtra

Doorstep Banking Services by Bank of Maharashtra 

Our honourable finance minister, Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, had launched the Enhanced Access and Service Excellence (EASE) which was aimed at providing smart and high-tech banking services to encourage paperless and digital banking for aspiring India.

The doorstep banking services (DSBS) are a part of the EASE reforms that the Financial Department had undertaken in the year 2018.

Mrs Nir.mala Sitharaman last month had launched the doorstep banking services (DSBS) for public sector banks (PSBs) in order to make banking hassle-free and convenient. The main aim is to facilitate customers and provide the convenience of banking services at their doorsteps through a mobile app, web portals, or call centres.

Currently, Bank of Maharashtra (BoM) is providing non-financial banking services like pick up of negotiable instruments like cheques, draft and pay order; 15G/15H forms, new cheque books requisition slips, TDS (Tax Deducted at Source), and Form 16 certificate issuance application.

The Executive Director of Bank of Maharashtra (BoM), Mr. Hemant Tamta, said in a release that DSB would provide another approach for the customers to avail and access non-financial services at the doorstep. He also said that senior citizens and people with disabilities should avoid visiting branches amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. DSB services can be availed of through Mobile App, Web Portal and Call Centre.

The services registered up to 3 PM on any working day will be completed within 3 hours of the request. The services booked on or after 3 PM will be completed by 1 PM of the subsequent working day. The request placed can be tracked and cancelled in Doorstep Banking App / Web Portal by providing the details of Status Request ID, Request type, Agent name, Charges, SR status.

In case the customer faces any challenges or has any issues, they can register their complaints regarding Doorstep Banking Services through Mobile App/ Web Portal / Call Centre or the BoM’s Branch.

According to sources, the service will also provide delivery of account statements, Form-16 certificates, non-personalized cheque books, and term deposit receipts.

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