Can The Bank On Budget?

The budget for 2020-21 is on this way and there are very equal parts of the excitement as well as dread among all the investors. On the other side, some are also afraid. At that time, some of the people are scared that the moves might be very big, too bold, and too disruptive. So that adds up to some separate possibilities.

At that point, if I were to follow the script of investment analysts writing ahead of the Budget, I would also tell you which of my predictions and how you should make all the investment choices to prepare yourself for it. 

However, preparing for very specific events is the worst way of planning one’s investments, more so the budget. Despite the hype, the Budget’s most important as an economic tool is at the time very low. Very little of the consequence now is left in the Budget.

Every change is made by the Good Service and Tax Council that meets all the month. Rates, rules, procedures all the things have been changing through the year. As the Good Service and Tax settle down, these changes are becoming very less frequent but they have nothing to do with the Budget. 

Last year, the government also showed that if needed, direct taxes too could be fixed at all the points during the year whenever the biggest change in the corporate taxes for the decades was made.

There are most of the other things that could happen in the world that may also impact your investments. The events, as well as their impact, are unpredictable. Moreover, this is almost a certainty that the very first impression of the impact will be very different from what will happen.

Perhaps, then, this may be very good for all the investors to focus more on what they can simply control. You have also control over whenever you invest, what you invest in, what price you simply invest at.




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