Capital small finance bank personal loan offers low interest loan

With the global market being affected by COVID-19, the banks and NBFCs have taken a tough fall too. With a lot of banks being shut down, the small finance banks have to be extra cautious towards their work and make sure that they remain afloat. The banks can remain afloat by either retaining their customers or attracting new ones. In such a time, the Capital small finance bank has taken Personal loans as they go to portals to increase their profits and establish good numbers in their books. 

The capital small finance bank personal loan has made their eligibility very elastic for their customers. From salaried to self-employed everyone can take the benefits of their personal loan. The small finance bank is offering a personal loan for a minimum amount of Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh, subject to their repayment capacity. The bank has no concern with what is done with the money, their own concern is making sure that the borrower is capable of paying back the loan amount along with the interest due. Working with a processing fee of a mere 0.25% and in some cases, not even that has made the bank a preferred choice for many. 

With basic documents like Income proof, age proof, identity proof, etc. getting quick approval for Capital small finance bank personal loan is not tough. The bank to stay afloat has also made all the information about the loans available on their website. The customers can check their eligibility from the website and then see if the plan works for them. Since this form of loan does not involve keeping collateral, the customer is required to have a personal obligation towards repayment and some post-dated cheques, so that the bank is sure that their money will be returned. 

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