Commodity exports to China could fall by $33 billion says UN

Commodity exportsCommodity exports to China falls:

According to UN Trade, Due to the Coronavirus crisis, Global commodity Exports to china have dropped dramatically to 46% at $15.5 to $33 billion in 2020.

The UN Conference On Trade and Development (UNCTAD) research found that the drop is projected between $3 and $8 billion would impact commodity-dependent developing countries. Where China Absorbing about one-fifth of world Commodities’ exports, such a drop in its Imports would have a huge impact on Producers of primary goods.

It could constitute a 9% loss in annual growth rate. UNCTAD economists provide reliable information to policymakers and help them anticipate global opportunities.

The uncertainty in China’s Commodity markets increased as Community Party said to drop its annual growth targets. They have driven down prices on key commodities which includes metals, energy  and agriculture products.

Imports of liquified natural gas could fall by 10% in 2020. Though iron imports expected to improve, the growth of the increase would drop from 19% to 6% due to Covid-19 outbreak.

While exports took a hit, there was an expected positive outcome in agricultural products. China imports of soya beans from the developing countries are now projected to grow by 34 percent, whereas 10% points more than earlier. Similarly, the import of copper from these nations is to double to 11% after the pandemic.

A copy of the full UNCTAD report can be found at: UNCTAD Study

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