Indian Bank offers loans during an emergency to reduce the financial burden in the Covid 19 pandemic and the interest rates offered by them are far lower than the normal interest rates offered by other banks and this further can elevate a major financial crunch during the Covid-19 pandemic. Through the credit extended by Indian Bank and the liquidity unfiltered in the economy one can meet the immediate cash requirements of their business. 

Indian Bank Personal Loan is a personal loan facility that functions as any other personal loan facility where the interested borrowers can lend a particular amount of money from the bank without providing any secured debenture, bonds, and share certificates, or gold and jewelry ornaments that are referred to as security deposit or collateral securities. 

Indian Bank offers attractive interest rates of 11.05% which means that there is a considerable reduction in the rate of interest of the personal loan when compared with the other public banking financial institutions of the country whose interest rates are much higher when compared to Indian Bank Personal Loan.

Indian Bank offers a varied segment of emergency loans during the Covid-19 pandemic to bring financial aid to the general public and the corporate world:

  • IND- COVID Emergency Credit Line (IBCECL) for Corporate’s: This loan facility can be availed by corporates and medium sized enterprises for a tenure of 36 months with the initial 6 months being the moratorium period.
  • IND- MSE COVID Emergency Loan (INDMSE-CEL) for MSME: A funding of 50 Lakh will be made available for a tenure of around 60 months for all MSME.
  • SHG-COVID – SAHAYA LOAN for Self Help Groups: 22 lakh beneficiaries will be helped through this crisis providing around a loan of about Rs 5000 which will be around Rs one lakh per Self Helping Group. The same can be availed for a period of 36 months and 6 months being the moratorium period.
  • IND-COVID Emergency Salary Loan for Retail borrowers: Salaried employees are given a loan for their medical and other expenses which is equivalent to 20 times of their actual gross income.
  • IND COVID- Emergency Pension Loan for Pensioners: 15 times of the monthly pension is approved with a tenure of around 60 months.



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