Covid has gifted us another unpleasant surprise of the sore gallbladder.

Covid gifts us with another unpleasant surprise

The medical community is once again surprised with the condition of the sore gallbladder due to the covid-19. It was discovered at City hospital when a 48-year-old reported inflammation in the gallbladder post covid. This generally happens due to the stones that block the tube connecting the gallbladder and the small intestine. Covid has gifted us another unpleasant surprise of the sore gallbladder.

But this woman did not have any medical history of stones developing in her body. Later she developed abdominal pain and fever, and after USG responded that there is inflammation in the gallbladder, there are no signs of stones in it. She was treated with antibiotics and other supportive measures.  

Doctors are still finding what more this virus can do to the human body. It is not found that this can affect multiple organs, including the lungs, pancreas, small intestine, and even the gallbladder. In other countries also the inflammation of the gallbladder has been reported post covid.

Moreover, cytomegalovirus or CMV in recovered patients is causing rectal bleeding, as reported by some doctors. Cases of gastrointestinal problems, including colitis, colon ulcers, liver abscess and pancreatitis, are also reported. The coronavirus is affecting a lot of people in different ways.


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