Crackdown on Cyber-Hacking

With the increasing potency of social media applications and its usage as one of the prime instruments of advertisements and the creation of public acclaim procedure, social media applications have found great applications in the field of buying and selling of goods and services and a promotion mechanism. 

Recently police authorities with knowledge in the field of software technology conducted a crackdown process on more than 20 bank accounts which have been frozen by the Information Technology Cell Authorities in the country for actions of monetary embezzlement and frauds. It has been reported that people have been compelled to pay amounts ranging between 150-500 through the means of online UPI payment on the bank accounts of such fraudsters and then have not received the designated goods and service. 

The mechanism has been properly explained by the experts who have conducted the crackdown operation. They have said that the fraudsters have established a website domain of their own where they have posted pictures intending to sell goods and services to the interested consumers who would be eager in purchasing. 

The designated address of the seller has been provided and the contact number has been given as well. As soon as the consumer has made the payment for the goods and service, the website is nowhere to be found the number automatically blocks the registered number of the consumer and he is unable to receive any receipt or record of the payment that he has made. 

The police authorities are consistently looking for ways to eradicate such large scale software malfunctioning so that adequate protection mechanisms can be incorporated to make the embezzlement actions completely eradicated. Actions are being initiated to improve the network security layer so that no one can enter into the system without proper authentication certificates. 



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