Credit Cards Of Federal Bank Will Be Launched Soon

Online banking, net banking is easy methods to do transactions. There are 86 per cent of the total transactions in the federal banks. And 17.50% remittance in teh business. Rajesh Ravi said the consumer behaviour in a covid pandemic. In the pandemic, people shift towards the online system and teh consumer behaviour had changed. 

CASA has increased in the pandemic. Did the customers save more? Saving more and spending less is a phenomenon. In these people spent o teh movies, restaurants and many more things. These savings are based on money. As these net bankings are available people rely mostly on the internet. How the bank is preferred for NRI remittance? In the pandemic, as people can’t go outside people use these online banking systems. There are PUSH model banks and these digital capabilities in one place.Federal Bank | Business Insider India

We are using these online banking systems through the banks themselves. What is the credit card status with Fiserv? The credit card is teh major thing in the banks. There are 80 lakh plus debit card users. And there are many credit card users. Fiserv is a platform where you can get these credit card management. What is the personal loan demand?

The personal loan can be taken based on any materials. People take these loans and there are many digital stacks to repay the money.  What are the long term plans in the conventional models? The conventional models are related to some of the banking related terms. These have some long term relationships with the bank credit and debit cards. Hence people invest in banks. People invest in banks for their interest rates.


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