Delhi Hospitals struggling with Covaxin shortage

Delhi Hospitals facing a lot of struggle with the vaccines and shortage

In June, the Delhi government had instructed all hospitals to administer Covaxin doses for citizens of ages between 18-44 years only if it is their second dose. Even after a month later, the shortage seems to have not left. Delhi Hospitals struggling with Covaxin shortage

A senior hospital executive said that they have not resumed administering doses to the 18-44 year category as the vaccine shortage and crisis is still prevalent.

A 42-year-old Ramesh Ahuja told us that nobody can register for COvaxin on the Cowin website as it is always either full or not available. According to the Delhi government’s statement on vaccination, as of July 2, the government has so far received a total of 22, 26,340 doses of Covaxin and has a stock of 223,000 doses.


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