Electricity Demand Recorded an Annual Rise for the Seventh Straight Month in March

With the current rate of electricity i.e. 123.2 BU, it has been official that he shall be supplied in March with the rate of 22.9% higher than the monthly consumption in the same last year. Moreover, the lockdown across the country was taken into consideration to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

The electricity is has projected a new record as an annual rise for the seventh straight month in March. The demand in FY21 is set to drop by 0.8% on a year-on-year basis.

The National Load Despatch Centre as much as 115.2 billion units of electricity which was supplied in the first 29 days of March.

At the rate, 123.2 BU of electricity calculates with 22.9% higher than the monthly consumption in the same to contain the coronavirus outbreak was in demand and lowered by 2.8% on a y-o-y basis. Due to this, the demand was upscaled from the month September with the significant hike in temperatures in northern India, the average daily power demand in the country increased 3.4% annually to 3.7 BU in February.

Electricity usage in states such as Gujarat, Punjab, West Benga, and Maharashtra with the increase in industrial and commercial requirements comprises more than 40% of the demand, grew by 3.9%, 5.5%, 1 % respectively. The Covid vaccination programme was officially rolled out in February, triggering with the hike of economic activities.


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