FICCI asked the government to boost the tourist and hospitality industries.

FICCI to ask the government to boost hospitality and tourist industries

The pandemic has brought the industry to a halt, resulting in the closure of numerous hotels and companies, as well as job losses for many people that rely on it for a living.

The business chamber FICCI requested the government on Wednesday to provide assistance to the travel, tourism, and hotel industry, which is experiencing a financial problem as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. FICCI asked the government to boost the tourist and hospitality industries.

COVID-19 is expected to resurface in a third wave, according to health experts. The government must act quickly and provide prompt relief measures to address the industry’s critical liquidity situation, according to a statement from the chamber.

With the second wave’s impact continuing, it will take at least 4-5 years for the hotel industry to recover to some sort of stability in its operations,” it stated, adding that the time of restructuring and the ratios should be reassessed in this situation.

The FICCI has also asked the government to extend the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme’s repayment period to eight months.

It was also suggested that tourism be included in the concurrent list of the Constitution so that both the federal government and the states can develop measures to promote its development.


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