Gold Loan Book May See A Correction In H1; expect 20-25% industrial growth: Indel Money

Gold is a shiny metal but also crates the golden linings into the clouds of life. As of today, the price of the gold of 24k for 10g is Rs 48,815. According to the current graph analysis of the gold and the gold loan, there is no offtake of the gold loan. The reason is apparent to the investors and the buyers and sellers of the commodity and the current situation of the stock market.

There has been a sudden rise in the prices of gold loan, even on the international prices. It is said that there has been some reason or the factors which have influenced it to a very high level. The sudden tension between the US and China may be a factor that can become the reason for world war at any point in time. The declining graph of the economic slowdown and uncertain fluctuating cases of the Nobel coronavirus.

As the gold and loan against gold is rising, it has also increased and opened the path for the other opportunities a swell. The availability of the gold loan and its utilization in the different sectors is the main reason. It has done a big deal in bringing new ways of investment and innovations. Resources for the companies will be utilized in a proper way without under or overutilization. For example, the low gold loan interest rate as the gold loan is the secured form of loan makes it preferable due to this reason.

A recent study has noticed that the industry will grow, and the famous and the renounced Muthoot Finance managing director. Have given the way of an increase of about 15% in the current year. Due to the increasing public response, the credit facility of the gold loan per gram is having a great height during this time and is expected to reach new heights in the coming three quarters of the year. These were the reasons which have made me achieve 23%  and gain more momentum in the coming months.



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