Gold rates in cities like delhi on 3 April 2021

Gold rates in cities like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai are increasing these days. And the gold rates in Delhi for 22-carat gold is 44,400, and it has increased to 600 rupees from the previous gold rates.                                              

The 24-carat gold is 48400, and the amount it has increased is 650 rupees. In a city like Chennai, the gold rate is 42670, and it was around 290 rupees increase. In the 24 carat gold, the rate of gold is 46550, and it was around 350 rupees increment.    

The gold rate in Karnataka is 44290 for 10 grams gold. For the 22 carat gold, the gold rate is 610 rupees increase for 10 grams and 24-carat gold, the gold rate is 46990, and it was around 590 hike. These gold rates in the other cities are like 43370, and for 22-carat gold, it is 44379. These are the gold rates in the cities.

The gold rates are varying these days. Sometimes it is increasing, and sometimes it is decreasing. The gold rates may vary these days. It may change at any time. In this way, the gold rates are changing these days.

city 22 carat 24 carat silver
Delhi 43800 47790 63600
Chennai 42380 46200 68500
Kolkata 44290 46990 63600
Mumbai 43370 44370 63600


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