Gopichand P Hinduja said he wants to invest as much as he can in India

Gopichand P Hinduja said he wants to invest in India

Gopichand P Hinduja is the Co-Chairman of the Hinduja Group. In an interview, Mr Goopichand answers a variety of questions. 

When asked if it’s true that the Hinduja Group is looking for restructuring in their healthcare business? Gopichand P Hinduja said he wants to invest as much as he can in India

He replied Healthcare is a non-profit organisation, so there is no question of restructuring. We once had one profit-making hospital in Khar, which was later made a non-profit one, and was merged with the Hinduja Hospital (Mahim).

He said his late father always said that the first right of any human being is health and education. He added that everything belongs to everyone in his family, nothing belongs to him or anyone alone, and we work to give away.

The two large businesses where Hinduja is investing are clean energy and cybersecurity. Why are you excited about these two?

Cybersecurity will be the future of our world. Currently, there is a lot of competition, a lot of talent, and many new developments going on. Our main vision is to make India the cybersecurity headquarter.

Gopichand Hinduja also set up a joint venture with Tech Mahindra as they were quite well developed in their service. Today, the US is contributing the most 80-82% of the total cybersecurity market volume worldwide. India is growing, but there’s a lot to be desired.

What is the best way for India to get back on the growth map? India is a country with one of the best demographics in the world and is a young and vibrant economy.

Therefore, today India has the best opportunities in investments. However, the consumption and the leverage level are low compared to other developed countries.

Aspiration is rising, and income levels are increasing in integration with the global economy. India has also positioned itself well in a very settled way in terms of corporates following China’s plus one strategy.

Currently, India has a better start-up ecosystem driving digital adoption across businesses to increase rapidly. Overall, the economy has the capacity to grow between 7% to 8% as per the current trend. Modi is giving his best, but we still have many problems, and bureaucracy is the worst part.

So even if an investor thinks about coming and investing, he/she has to go through a lot of struggles and obstacles. I am saying this out of my own experience when we made our first foreign investment as an NRI in Ashok Leyland.



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