HDFC’s tie-up with Apollo to provide loan up to ₹40 lakh for customers’ medical bills

The very idea that there is nothing more important than the health of the people would put everyone on a quest to seek for better policies in terms of health and insurance for them. The HDFC bank in association with Apollo hospital will assist the borrowers in getting loans that can let them avail up an amount up to rupees 40 lakhs.


HDFC Bank and Apollo have introduced quick and easy loans for settling medical bills

It is a commonly seen as an obstacle that people who need a lot of money for their treatment often abstain from it due to the lack of their capability to come up with such a tremendous amount of money. It can put their lives in danger. Human security and wellbeing is the most significant wealth of a nation.

This partnership intends to provide holistic healthcare solution. It means that the schemes keenly look on each aspect to modify it according to the best possible way to meet the needs of the people.

Another exciting feature of the loan is that it is an unsecured loan. It means that people do not have to run behind or drown into a lot of paperwork to avail the loan, nor they need collateral to secure their loan.

It makes it easier for a wide range of customers to use this facility. The loans are very convenient as it is granted instantly. If there is a requirement of money for a specific treatment, the bank is informed instantly, and the money is granted for the same. This makes it a hassle-free experience.

There is some form of preference for the HDFC bank’s customers, as they are given a wide range of options in the modes of payment and other facilities. Therefore it can be said that there is preferential treatment for HDFC bank’s customers.

It is estimated that the program can be beneficial to approximately 65 million customers, said Apollo’s Executive Vice-Chairperson Shobana Kamineni. This shows the effect on how much the partnership can aid the public. It is also to be noted that the scheme keeps in mind of all aspects of the cashless facility.

This can help millions to access quality health care, which can revolutionize our country; they can avail the treatments without the constraint of time, place or economic limitations.

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