HFC, Airtel, Ashok Leyland, Indiabulls, and other stocks to watch for

The operator for the telecom will conduct an incredible public conference on 19 March to want the authorization of board members on the offer of issuance of equity shares of the company on a preferential basis through a particular resolution.

The company had also raised $1.25 billion overseas, it confirmed on Thursday. Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd has published foreign currency and convertible bonds as its first such assignment worth ₹ 1,091 crores, it announced on Thursday. The convertible secured bonds are outstanding in 2026. The introductory modification price is ₹242 per paid in full for the equity share of the firm

HDFC Bank Ltd has acquired 4,995 shares at ₹10 each published by Ferbine Pvt. Ltd. To prepare for a pan-India Umbrella Entity for retail payments Ferbine has also been encompassed to prepare a petition to the Reserve Bank of India.


The commercial vehicle maker has obtained 38% from the acquisition of Hinduja Tech Ltd share capital from Nissan International Holding BV for an entire consideration of ₹70,20 crore. HTL has now fulfilled a fully owned subsidiary of Ashok Leyland.

Bank of Baroda board upheld the entrance and issued the price of its percentage sale on Thursday. The price for the issued shares was fixed at ₹85.98 per share and the bank may propose a discount of not more than 5% on the base price.

On March 18, the lender has agreed to practice the call alternative on its outstanding enduring bond worth ₹2500 crore.

The lender has decided to buy 4,995 shares in expenses infrastructure company Ferbine Pvt. Ltd for ₹49,950 converting into an equity shareholding of 9.99%.


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