Home Loan Rates Plummet to a 15-Year Low, Good News For Borrowers

Home Loan RatesThe pandemic induced lockdown has resulted in the lowest Home Loan rates in over 15 years, decreasing by 40% to around 7%, RBI declared. This comes down as the good news for the home loan aspirants with a secure income.

A three-month moratorium can simply be approved by the borrowers facing uncertainties in their income due to the outbreak. Those who have not availed of a moratorium can choose to defer their payments for three years if they are facing income pressure. For a loan amount of Rs30 lakh with a maturity of 15 years left, the net additional interest shall be around Rs2.34 lakh but this burden could decrease due to the downfall in home loan rates.

For the current holders, SBI’s scheme of interest rates on a home loan up to Rs30 lakh will decrease to 7% from the initial 7.4%, a loan amount which is between Rs30 lakh and Rs75 lakh to 7.25% from 7.65% and above Rs75 lakh to come down to 7.35% from the existing 7.75%. For female borrowers, an extended downfall in rate will be carried out by 5bps.

When home loan rates were in sync with the repo rates from October 2019, interest has been slashed by 1.4% points. A reduction of Rs2,896 is observed now in the EMI on a Rs30 lakh loan which was initially Rs22,855 and now Rs19,959.

Housing finance companies and those banks that have not connected their home loan rates to the repo rate may not pass on the decrease in their home advances. Nevertheless, determined by competition, HDFC has just decreased its rate to 7.50%. to improve the flow of rates, RBI had restricted banks to connect their financing costs on priority sector loans- including home loan- to an outer benchmark rate (EBR). The greater part of the banks picks their repo rate as their EBR.

On may 8 a  segment of the banks like SBI expanded the spread on home advance rates for new borrowers by 20bps by expanding the edge well beyond the standard benchmark pace of 7.05% pegged against the repo rate. SBI did it, saying that because of the pandemic, the credit danger of borrowers had gone up thus the bank had expanded the hazard premium by 20bps

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