How to avail of doorstep banking service with a Punjab National Bank?

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, people presently want to get the maximum of their work performed from the comfort of their homes. With the digital methods of banking and doorstep banking facility. financial transactions have become flawless and within any bother. Door Step Banking is one such endeavor taken and now through which consumers can use important Banking trade services at their Doorstep. Punjab National Bank (PNB) said in a tweet that why stop by the Bank when the Bank is prepared to visit your home? Choose PNB’s doorstep banking and Stay Safe amid pandemic.

Nonetheless, for specific basic works, the customers do not have to take the danger of attending the branches physically amid the pandemic and may avail themselves of the Doorstep Banking Services, proposed by public sector banks to get the work done from the convenience of home. PNB proposes important banking services to their customers at their doorstep, whether it is an individual or from a corporate for picking up of cash from their premises or bureaus post attacking proper KYC protocols and other after legalities have been followed.

Customers will now have to just fill in the enrolment form and complete an agreement with its branch to avail of the facility. The cash is accepted within regular business hours of the Bank and along with that complimentary pickup services of Cheques are also allowed, along with cash pick-up. The Customer just needs to opt for any of the following choices. They also offer On-call picks up, where the Bank`s representative attends the customer’s residence or office on his invitation, which could be lodged through telephone or fax. The bank offers to Beat pick up, where the Bank’s representative will visit the residence of the customer or the office daily for pick- up of Cash. It offers a Free of cost option, where the customers who decide or approve to keep the desired float balance in their SF/CA account are renounced off all charges for the pick-up of the cash.


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