India to allow ethanol-based ‘flex engines’ in vehicles, launch scheme in 3 months: Nitin Gadkari

India is now going to allow ethanol-based ‘flex engines’ in vehicles

The present world is going through the bad face of global warming which is affecting every minute of this revolving planet. Yes, global warming is the biggest enemy. The pandemic which is going on right now is also the effect somehow due to this global warming only. So there are some things which need to be sorted before it is too late.

In India, it has been decided that there will be allowances of using the types of vehicles which will be having the flex engines and will use ethanol as the fuel instead of diesel and petrol.  India to allow ethanol-based 'flex engines' in vehicles, launch scheme in 3 months: Nitin Gadkari

The union minister Mr  Nitin Gadkari said that these types of schemes will be started within the next 3 months. It has also been added that the countries like USA, Brazil and Canada are using the same alternative as it is cost-effective which will be costing Rs  60-62 litre and it is also pollution-free.

In India in the city of Pune, Maharashtra there has been granted permission to establish a 100% ethanol petrol pump and the two of such firms have already been inaugurated by our prime minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi.

It also has been added that the states like Uttar Pradesh Maharashtra Karnataka take a lead as ethanol can be made from sugarcane juice molasses and also some food grains like that of rice, corn etc.



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