Is Canara Budget Loan The Best Budget Loan?

Canara Bank provides various personal loan programs such as Canara Budget, Canara Pension, Canara Consumer, Canara Home Improvement, etc. meet the financial needs of a variety of groups of individuals. The amount of the approved loan can be up to Rs. 10 lakh which can be used for purposes such as marriage, home renovation, medical costs, holidays, etc.

Canara Bank Personal Loan Features

  • Amount of loan: The amount of loan provided by Canara Bank through various personal loan programs goes up to Rs. 10 lakh to accommodate a variety of personal needs.
  • Flexible lifetime: The lifetime depends on the type of personal loan you choose and the maximum lifetime on the offer is 84 months.
  • Multiple options: Canara Bank offers a variety of credit schemes that are designed for different categories of individual candidates. These include Canara Budget, Canara Pension, Canara Consumer Loan, and more.
  • Online application: Canara Bank offers Canara Bank personal loan can be accessed online from the comfort of your home or office which offers less paperwork and easy disbursement of the loan volume.

Types of Canara Bank Personal Loan

  1. Canara Home Improvement

This kind of personal loan is only available to people who own an apartment or a house. The main characteristics of this loan include:

  • The loan should be used specifically to buy furniture and household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.
  • The maximum amount of the loan paid out under the scheme is Rs. 2 lakh.
  • The duration of this personal loan from Canara Bank may reach 60 months.
  • The interest rate is 9.40 percent a year on this loan.
  1. Canara Budget

This loan is available to meet authentic/personal needs other than speculative purposes for wage earners as well as self-employed and professionals. Key features are as follows:

  • The bank provides loans of the Canara Budget scheme up to Rs. 3 lakh.
  • The loan needs to be paid off within 60 months.
  • Interest rates range from 12.40 percent to 14.45 percent annually. Depending on who the candidate is.

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