Know Your Purpose To Solidify The Dreams At Vijaya Bank Gold Loans

Vijaya Bank gold loan proposes an effective way for the customers to satisfy all the types of personal needs such as a wedding, education, business expansion, etc. The minimum proportion or loan amount for gold loan commences from INR 1000. maximum Loan Amount: As it is a secured loan that is why there is no roof on the upper limit on the Vijaya Bank gold loan. The period by which the borrower has to make the repayment on Vijaya Bank gold loan onsets from 12 months and up to 30 months. The borrower does not have to reimburse a processing fee on the Vijaya Bank gold loan. There are not many prepayment charges termed on the Vijaya Bank gold loan. The interest rate on the Vijaya Bank gold loan is up to 11.95%.

The Vijaya Bank Gold Loan grant Loans to individuals against the vow of gold jewelry or ornaments for any productive or domestic purposes like, for funding the Agricultural and all the activities for crop cultivation, investment purposes such as buying machinery or mechanism for irrigation or to purchase of live stocks for the farm, or funding small business, traders, professionals & self-employed and other MSE activities that are taken by individuals either as term loan or Cash Credit facility.

The individual applicants must be the owner of the gold jewelry or ornaments formulated to be promised. In the case the jewelry is held by the spouse then she or he should also join as co-borrower for the loan.

The Loans will only be approved merely against ornaments which are for 22 carats or Hallmarked gold otherwise, If, in case of a loan against the security of specially designed gold coins, the total weight of the coins should not surpass 50 grams per customer.


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