LIC offices to work five days a week from May 10 to relax settlement requirements

LIC has online NEFT and submission of customers for customer portal through speedy settlements. To make the process easier and hassle-free, LIC has various norms relaxations to settle requirements.

The payment of death in LIC has various certificates like death certificates, and proof of death has discharge summary and death summary containing date and time and the death certificate issued by the govt/ESI/Armed forces/Corporate hospitals and many other countersigned by LIC.

This LIC class has officers of 10 years with ceremonial or authentic receipt issued by the relevant authority. These death certificates are required as early as possible. These capital options have life certificates up to 31.10.2021. These have introduced new certificate through video calls.LIC offices to work five days a week from May 10 to relax settlement requirements

There are many difficulties in sending documents of claiming settlements for branches and forms submission of LIC office for survival benefit claims. LIC also has NEFT, and this submission has a customer portal for speedy payments. These LIC offices have work from Monday to Friday from 10 am and 5:30 pm from May 10, 2021. These notifications from April 15, 2021, has every Saturday as a holiday.


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