Maruti Suzuki extends free service, warranty timelines

Maruti Suzuki to extend free service

The present world is going through a very bad phase as there have been several deaths which have claimed over 40 lacs of life all over the world. The financial and the health sector have been affected to a large extent. There have been several leopards by the companies and the economy to give the customers what they wanted to meet the basic requirements of the people. Maruti Suzuki extends free service, warranty timelines

It is a matter of Thursday only that it has extended the free service and the warranty period for the customer of the Maruti Suzuki. It also has been added that all those customers who are having their free service and warranty expired between the date of 15th March -30 June of this year.

The reason for doing this is because of the actions and restrictions during this time of the pandemic. Slowly the market is getting eased after the strict lockdown of the pandemic the people will also start getting help from all this warranty and free services which were left.

There has been an implementation of the policy can we set value-added services that any kind of person who is unable to visit the workshop then there is a vehicle pick and drop facility has been laid down to safeguard the interests of the customers during this time of the pandemic



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