MSME Prerana Program: Initiative by the finance minister for empowering entrepreneurs

The issues pertaining to language can be a very evident problem in understanding the financial angle. People across India use so many different languages. Many of them are not familiar with English or Hindi, which makes it difficult to understand a lot of things.

Our honourable finance minister, Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman, has brought forward a solution to this obstacle. The program collaborated with the firm Poornatha & Co, which specializes in conducting development and business mentoring programs in vernacular languages for the MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises).


Features of the MSME Prerana program

Online: Online platform is used for mentoring. This makes it a favourable option in the current scenario, where public gatherings are not permitted. The sessions are conducted in an interactive manner with case studies.

Vernacular language: The language used will be the local language which is a Chennai-based public-sector lending bank.

Skill development: The primary focus of the program is to develop the skills of the people from a grassroots level which would empower them.

Capacity building: The people are trained to improve their skills and language which would prepare them for a challenging role ahead.

Sessions: The sessions are divided into 12 parts; each session focuses on a different skill that would be enhanced.

Completion Certificate: After the program is completed the participants received a certificate which is issued by the Indian Bank, Poornatha and co. and Michigan Academy for developing Entrepreneurs.

It can be concluded that the program for MSMEs enables people to acquire skills in various areas. Since the world is very competitive, we need to make sure that language is not a barrier to anyone who wishes to achieve their maximum potential.

Initially, the programmes will be in Tamil for the Coimbatore clusters of Indian Bank, and then it will be scaled up across the country in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali and Gujarati for which work is already underway.

The people require a lot of support for their needs, like accessing loans and other credit-related issues, they often need to seek the help of a charted accountant. Therefore, making the people familiar with the language can empower them to make choices for themselves, especially the MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) and move ahead with their needs without depending on anyone else for support. This program provides technical knowledge to the local entrepreneurs who would otherwise be restricted.


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