NBFCs to seize the opportunity of Banking License

Experts have put out a word specifying the amount of gain, larger non-bank lenders would be getting from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) after their panel’s proposal that would be allowing large companies and shadow lenders into the banking services.

There has also been a report that has been circulated based on the internal working group of RBI, that has been released on 20 November, specifying that non-bank lenders who own assets with a size more than ₹50,000 crores must be allowed to be converted into banks, with a compulsion of completing 10years of operation.

Fortune times for India’s first full-service banks would be possible if there is an acceptance of the proposals. RBI could have a chance to increase its regulatory oversight over a few large shadow lenders, following the regulator’s aim to expand the banking services in the country. 

It was also told by the head of non-bank lender that universal bank licenses don’t provide answers to everything and it was also not welcomed by many, regarding the entities called NBFCs to become too large as they are dependent on wholesale liability and they did not want a disaster like DHFL to be repeated.

He also added to mention regarding the failure of Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) that has taken place, and they think there are no easy fixes of converting NBFCs into banks might be of help. He also gave an opinion of many NBFCs who are willing to continue the same way, as they found that most banks are aiming for the same retail liabilities to cover up cheaper capital.

NBFCs to seize the opportunity of Banking Licence

From the expert’s point of view, it is said that RBI might be planning to bring large NBFCs under stricter rules and regulations while allowing them to approach and access deposits and other benefits enjoyed by banks.

The co-chairman of the Finance Industry Development Council, Mr. Raman Agarwal, has made his points clear suggesting that while NBFCs are brought on par with banks, the whole process must be automatic and holistic and should not be piecemeal.




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