Numaligarh refinery buyout increased oils Indias credit assessment by moody lowers.

The price of the oil is increased to 80.2%. The oil and gas prices are increasing these days, and many arguments are going on between these oil and gas prices hike.

The moody investor’s assessment has decreased the OIL’s too ba one from ba 3. These are because of the borrowing fund acquisition in oils. It has almost had an additional 54.2% in the NRL ( Numaligarh Refinery). They had an additional pressure of 8676 crores for additional pressure.

In the recent acquisition, you can see on Tuesday the OIL’s has increased from 80.2%. These are because of the low pricing. A mood analyst, Sweta patodia, says about the OIL’s as “ the downgrade of the OIL’s is increasing, and this is from the past years. There are increasing rates of these OIL’s there are borrowings from the NRL.”

The oil has weakened around 16% for FY22 from 51% in FY20. These have almost differences between 20-25% in the baa3. In the NRL, the disinvestment had around 61.7%, and in the Assam, the government has around 12.4% in the OIL. Here in the moody, the baa3 is more used said by the moody.  They said the usage of the baa3 has more expectations of the user. It has government results from the baa3.

Here in the government plan after NRL, the following usage is the OIL. On December 31, 2020, it had around 33490 against the 4300 crores in the next year. These are the lines by the moody.


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